Roupen Avsharian

TCA Pasadena-Glendale Chapter Hosts Roupen Avsharian Lecturing on Lebanese Elections


ALTADENA, Calif. – The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Pasadena-Glendale Chapter, after a hiatus in activities of nearly two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, recommenced its event series with a lecture by lawyer Roupen Avsharian on August 12 at the TCA Beshgeturian Center. The topic was Lebanese political life from 1920 to 2020, with a focus on the Armenian vote in the 2018 Lebanese parliamentary elections and the upcoming Lebanese 2022 elections. TCA West Coast Executive Secretary Mayda Kuredjian welcomed the approximately 100 guests and chapter chair Siran Oknayan introduced the speaker.

From left, Siran Oknayan, Roupen Avsharian, Mayda Kuredjian

Among the points Avsharian made was that a low 27 percent turnout of the electorate already has decreased the number of Armenian deputies more than necessary, and the results of the 2022 elections may be even worse for the Armenians as a result of the emigration of their majority, yet Armenian organizations do not appear very concerned about this.

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