Arman Karapetyan

Arman Karapetyan: ‘Spirit and Character Are the Most Important Qualities in a Fighter”


YEREVAN/ KOROLYOV, Russia — My subject is a young Russian boxer, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Arman Karapetyan. Born in 1992 in Yerevan, from the age of 1 he has lived in the city of Korolyov (Moscow Province).

Arman trained under the guidance of Alexander Sidorin (MMA and Thai boxing) and Alexander Kudryavtsev (Thai boxing). He started his professional career in 2016 and has now fought 6 fights, of which he won four and lost two.

Arman took part in the FNG, Student League MMA and LionHeart Championship tournaments. He met with rivals such as Artem Gurin, Maxim Popov, Artur Smirnov, etc.

Arman, it is said that martial artists often get in trouble. Was that how you were as a child?

Yes, in childhood I often had to fight. It was bad. My parents sent me to boxing when I was 11 years old. And I already had discipline and as a result of which I tried to solve conflicts on the street by talking. Therefore, I advise all parents to let their children study martial arts; it will give discipline and willpower, which is so lacking now.

In Armenian and Russian they often use the word “scramble” when it comes to martial arts which I do not like. Isn’t it better to use the word “fight”?

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I agree; martial arts can hardly be called a scramble, since a fight is something reckless, and yet our sport requires a cool head and hard preparation.

How did you get into Mixed martial arts?

As a child, I won a lot of boxing matches in the regional, central federal district and so on. By the age of 18, I won a couple of hand-to-hand combat tournaments. In the army I also took part in hand-to-hand combat. I got to the mixed martial arts absolutely by accident. The day before the tournament, I was sitting in the office at work and saw an announcement that they were urgently looking for a fighter in the category I just happen to fall into. I asked my friends; everyone tried to dissuade me, as I led a riotous lifestyle, but I decided to take a chance and went. It was the Mixed Martial Arts Student League. That day I won two fights and both by knockout. It was there that the organizer of the league noticed me. Then I spent a couple of amateur fights and a year later went for the professional belt in this league and won. Then I began to get into it more. I won a fight in the Lion Heart club tournament. A year later, I got to Fight Knights, where, however, offensively I lost to a wrestler. In addition, I trained the group myself and took the guys to amateur Thai tournaments and also participated many times for experience.

Arman Karapetyan

Although the Lion Heart fight club operates in Moscow, it can be considered Armenian to some extent, right?

Lion Heart is the home of excellent fighters, where guys of different nationalities train and, yes, many of our compatriots come out of there as good fighters.

Looking at your photos, I have the impression that you are an artistic person. Would you like to see yourself on the screen?

Thank you! Perhaps, if such an offer had been put to me, I would not have refused.

How do you feel about women’s fighting in mixed martial arts? Did you want your partner to do this?

At first, I was not happy about it.  But now it happens that girls show a very good level of fighting, and sometimes it is interesting to watch them. But I would not want any of my female relatives and my girlfriend to do this professionally.

Most athletes, as a rule, come from sports families — amateur and professional. Is this with your family?

Nobody in my family has ever been professionally involved in martial arts. But in my family there are a lot of strong-minded people. This definitely affected me. Spirit and character core are the most important qualities in a fighter.

You were very young when the family moved from Armenia. Nevertheless, how are things going with the preservation of the language, culture, traditions?

Of course, we honor our traditions, and I, in turn, will try to pass them on to descendants. The last time I was in Armenia was two years ago. I try to fly there often – two my grandmothers live there! Unfortunately, I cannot read and write in Armenian, but I can speak. And I have always loved to study history. And especially the history of my homeland. I often read historical essays about Armenia and Urartu. I especially like the book “Battle for Armenia” by Karen Voskanyan.

Do you have any contacts with athletes from Armenia?

Yes, when I came, I went to the Petrosyan Dojo MMA Fight Club a couple of times. The owner and head coach Ashot Petrosyan is a very good person and coach.

Athletes also did not get easily since 2020. But the situation is not improving?

First I was thinking that everything is finished, but this year there was an opportunity, so I performed after a long stay at the Colosseum tournament and won.

I wish you always win, Arman! And to perform under the flag of Armenia in one day!

And thank you very much! It will definitely be so!


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