Garo Paylan

Garo Paylan Requests Case Against Azerbaijani Woman Who Advocated Anti-Armenian Violence


ISTANBUL (Nor Marmara) – Armenian deputy in the Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) shared over social media on February 11 that he contacted the prosecutor’s office to request legal prosecution against an Azerbaijani woman for advocating anti-Armenian violence. Although the local Istanbul press has not covered the story, it has appeared in several papers from Armenia and the diaspora. Paylan took the step after seeing a video clip. In the course of a street interview in Istanbul, when an Azerbaijani woman was asked, “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t be punished for it,” she answered without hesitation: “I would cut off the heads of 20 Armenians.” Paylan indicated in his complaint that the words of the Azerbaijani woman must be viewed from the standpoint of a hate crime against Armenians.


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