Azerbaijani Authorities Stop Christian Pilgrims from Entering Dadivank


STEPANAKERT (Armenpress) — Azerbaijani authorities have barred a group of Armenian Christian pilgrims from entering the Dadivank monastery, demanding that from now on they should receive a manifest listing the identities of pilgrims beforehand.

“Previously, the Azerbaijani side was demanding only the number of pilgrims heading to Davdivank, and the number was to be no more than 30 persons,” the Prelate of the Diocese of Artsakh of the Armenian Apostlich Church Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan said. “Now they are demanding us to present nominal lists beforehand. Therefore, on Sunday we will provide the list of pilgrims with the peacekeepers in order not to have other difficulties in entering Dadivank,” he said.

Pilgrims from Armenia are visiting Dadivank accompanied by Russian peacekeepers.


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