AUA Raises $1.5M for Veterans’ Education Campaign


YEREVAN — The American University of Armenia (AUA) has successfully reached its goal for the “Honoring Those Who Served: Investing in our Veterans” Education endowed scholarship campaign, raising more than $1.5 million for AUA veteran students.

Thanks to the remarkable response from the AUA community of supporters, veterans will have access to the top-quality education AUA offers. The campaign positions AUA to welcome back with open arms all the heroes who defended their homeland further enhancing the institution’s vibrant culture that celebrates and supports veterans.

“The immeasurable strength and sustained giving spirit of the AUA network of supporters was, once again, exemplified in reaching the goal set for the Honoring Those Who Served: Investing in our Veterans’ Education campaign. Donations, small and large, poured in within a short period of time as an expression of heartfelt and sincere gratitude to our veterans,” remarked AUA’s Vice President of Development, Gaiane Khachatrian. “The lessons learned from the unprecedented recent challenges imposed by the global pandemic and the war in Artsakh have inspired new perspectives on education and reaffirmed the role AUA must play in cultivating strong leaders who are equipped with the potential to design systemic solutions, propose pioneering development strategies and contribute to advancing our nation.”

The endowment fund campaign signals and further strengthens the commitment of the university to this end. Specifically earmarked for veterans, the fund will ensure success for veteran students and create pathways for their professional growth and opportunities for career advancement.

The Fund also has established named scholarships in honor of those six AUA students who fell in battle: Shavarsh Muradyan, Davit Uzunyan, Erik Hajikyan, Aziz Aghajanyan, Areg Gevorgyan, and Hakob Hakobyan. The memory of these heroes of the recent Artsakh war will live on forever at AUA through the scholarships awarded every year to other soldiers studying at AUA.

“Funding this endowed scholarship creates enduring tuition support and opportunities for our enrolled veteran students. The recent war has emphasized that education has a crucial role to play, universities serving as great institutions and making substantial impact on society. This dedicated scholarship has the potential for veterans to gain a transformational experience at AUA and ensure their success,” remarks AUA President Karin Markides. “The Honoring Those Who Served: Investing in our Veterans’ Education campaign is just one of the pragmatic and constructive measures the University has taken to provide our veteran students with the right level of support for making a successful transition to student life. Shavarsh, Davit, Erik, Aziz, Areg, Hakob and every soldier who tragically lost their lives defending Armenia’s borders have made us more resolute in our commitment to our servicemen.”

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Though the Honoring Those Who Served: Investing in Our Veterans’ Education campaign has attained its goal, it continues to stay open for new donations. You may make a secure donation online. To learn more about the impact of the campaign and other initiatives at AUA in support of veteran students, please visit our website at

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