President Armen Sarkissian

President Sarkissian Calls for Early Elections


YEREVAN – President Armen Sarkissian of Armenia called for early elections in his video-statement that the press office of the president’s administration published the afternoon of November 16. The president highlighted that in the last several days he has held many meetings with Armenian political parties, non-governmental organizations, and individual citizens. “I have had phone conversations with many diasporan organizations. The overwhelming majority of the participants agree on one point: resignation of the prime minister in accordance with the Constitution, the secession of his official duties, and early parliamentarian elections,” Sarkissian stated.

The only responsible approach for the government and the supreme political power, according to Sarkissian, would be the objective reevaluation of their potential and quick submission of a road map that would outline the timetable of the relevant constitutional processes.  The president called for the formation of a government of National Consensus /Ազգային համաձայնության կառավարություն/ in the transition period. The president did not elaborate on how the new government will be formed.

The following video of his talk is in Armenian.

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