Berj Najarian with Bill Belichick

Belichick Shows Support for Armenians Fighting for Freedom


BOSTON (Boston Globe) — New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick made it clear he stands with Armenians in the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

His longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, shared a video Sunday with a variety of clips in which Belichick expresses his opinions on the matter.

The message, originally posted by Patriots director of football/head coach administration Berj Najarian, displays Belichick speaking in a quick montage. Belichick — who proudly displayed a small Armenian flag pin at the White House in April 2015 — introduces himself and makes his stance clear right away.

“To Armenians around the world, I just want to give a quick message and let you know that I stand with you during these difficult times,” Belichick said. “I have learned that throughout Armenian history, regardless of any adversity or tragedy, the Armenian people have continued to thrive and persevere.”

Then a graphic appeared on the bottom of the post: “For the past month, Armenian civilians in the Republic of Artsakh have been attacked brutally and relentlessly by missile and drone strikes by Azerbaijan.”

“I hope and pray for peace, justice, and the safety of the brave soldiers that are fighting for their nation’s recognition and freedom,” Belichick said as the website flashed across the screen.

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Belichick asked those watching to aid his small effort to create justice and equality throughout the world.

“Please help the Republic of Artsakh gain recognition and prevent another Armenian genocide,” Belichick said, imploring people to go to to do their part.


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