President Trump praises Armenians at Carson City on October 18, 2020

WASHINGTON – At a press conference on October 23, President Donald Trump answered a question about negotiations on the Artsakh conflict with complimentary generalities about Armenians, as he had done several days earlier at a campaign rally (see Mirror report).

He said: “Yes, we are talking about it. We are working with Armenia. We have a very good relationship with Armenia. They are very good people. They are so dedicated, they are incredible people. And we will see what happens. … I think really good progress is being made, with respect to that. Armenia is, we have a lot of people living in this country from Armenia, originally from Armenia and they’re great people. And we’re going to help them.”

When asked whether he had spoken to the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders, the president said that he did not want to say.

The brief section on Armenia starts at 36:01 minutes.

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