United Young Armenians Organize Glendale Rally for Artsakh


GLENDALE, Calif. – The Los Angeles area organization Unified Young Armenians organized a rally on October 4 at Artsakh Street in Glendale, California, in support of the Republic of Artsakh’s battle against Azerbaijani and Turkish aggression which was then on its eighth day.

At the rally, Mayor of the City of Glendale Vrej Agajanian, City Council members, Glendale Unified School District Board President Armine Gharpetian and civil and religious leaders of the Armenian community were encouraging donations to the All Armenian Fund in support of the Artsakh Defense Army. According to United Young Armenians, so far Armenians in Los Angeles donated over 8 million dollars to the fund. Teams of event organizers helped prospective donors with their donation efforts at several stations.

After the rally the participants joined others in Los Angeles in front of the headquarters of CNN, where people have been gathering since October 3 to demand awareness and fair coverage of the war in Artsakh.

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