President Sarkissian pays his respects to the late Sos Elbakyan and his family.

President Sarkissian Visits Family of Soldier Killed by Azerbaijan


YEREVAN — President Armen Sarkissian visited on July 24 the Elbakyan family in Marmashen, Shirak province. Their son, Army Captain Sos Elbakyan, had been killed on the Tavush segment of the Armenian-Azerbaijan border as a result of the military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan.

Sarkissian expressed his deep condolences to the parents of Elbakyan and noted that their son had sacrificed his young life defending devotedly the border of the Fatherland, our peace and security.

The president also expressed gratitude to the parents of Elbakyan for raising such a courageous and patriotic son. “I bow to his eternal memory. His heroism is immortal,” President Sarkissian said and noted that we all take pride in our Army and its brave servicemen.

At the Marmashen monastery, President Armen Sarkissian lit a candle in memory of the young soldiers and the troops.

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