Brussels Armenian protest

Clashes between Armenians Protesting Azerbaijani Attacks on Tavush and Azerbaijanis Took Place in Moldova, Belgium, Russia: Video Report


WATERTOWN – Clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis continued to take place in various parts of Europe in the aftermath of the Azerbaijani attacks on the Tavush region of Armenia in mid-July. On July 22, Armenians in Belgium, led by the Committee for the Defense of the Armenian Cause (the equivalent of the Armenian National Committee in Belgium), protested in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Brussels to condemn the attacks. The Armenian protesters condemned not only Azerbaijan but also the “Turkish government’s shameful support for the Azerbaijan offensive.” “No military involvement of Turkey in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can be tolerated,” said the statement of the Armenian National Committee of Belgium.

On the same day, clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis took place in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau. The Congress of Azerbaijanis in Moldova attempted to hold a protest in front of Armenia’s Embassy in Chisinau. Armenians of Moldova arranged a counter-protest and stood in front at the entrance to the diplomatic mission. High tension led to scuffles. Law enforcement officers had to interfere after which the Azerbaijanis left the site.

On the situation in Russia, see

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