Vandalism at the Fresno Church

Fresno Church Vandalized


FRESNO — According to the Facebook page of St. Paul Armenian Church of Fresno, on Friday, July 17, the church was vandalized. Upon arrival to work at 9 a.m. the staff noticed suspicious activity inside the church courtyard.

The memorial garden statue, built in Memory of Norma Der Mugrdechian, had been vandalized. The statue’s praying hands were wrapped with yellow tape and a few knots, removed from its place, unattached from the concrete and placed at an angle.

The round concentrate outdoor ashtray receptacle was also removed from its place, the sand was poured out, and receptacle was placed sideways on the ground by the removed memorial garden statue.

Lastly, several security signs that were by the side of the church were removed and brought inside the courtyard.

The gates surrounding the church and courtyard always remain locked, therefore the church officials suggested that the guilty individuals had come inside the church property by jumping over the gates to access the courtyard. No windows were broken and no one had entered inside the church, office, classrooms, or hall.

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