TJ Huizar

‘Indigenous Armenia’: Young American Polygot Travels to the Caucasus: Videos


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Trent Josiah (“TJ”) Huizar, a 16-year-old American conversant in 14 languages, traveled to the Caucasus for two weeks in search of speakers of the lost languages of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Along with hearing stories from people of different ethnic groups, he also uncovered borders, tried local cuisines, and discovered the natural beauty of the Caucasus region.

In Armenia, TJ visited many villages to create his film, including Yaghdan and Verin Dvin to search for the Pontic Greek and the Aramaic people groups, respectively. In Georgia and Azerbaijan, he learned more about how the Caucasus maintains a perfect balance of traditional culture and modern development.


To learn more about TJ, see the following video by an older and well known traveler Drew Binsky:

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