Joe Hockey

‘Smoking Joe’ Hockey Joins Macquarie Group


WASHINGTON (Australian Financial Review, The New Daily) – Joe Hockey, former Australian ambassador to the United States (2016-January 30, 2020), joined the Macquarie Group, an Australian global financial services group, this April as a part-time special advisor. Macquarie is called by some the “millionaires factory.” Hockey also runs his own Pennsylvania Avenue consulting business, Bondi Partners.

Hockey served as Australia’s treasurer from 2013 to 2015. He entered the Australian parliament in 1996 on the Liberal Party ticket and held various ministerial posts prior to becoming treasurer. He was christened “Smoking Joe” after being photographed with a cigar before the 2014 Australian budget.

Hockey’s Armenian father anglicized his last name from Hokeidonian after immigrating to Australia from Bethlehem, Palestine.


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