Daron Yacoubian with teammate Marco Perez building their adventure fort

Daron Yacoubian Named Disney+ Shop Class Champion


GLENDALE, Calif. – Daron Yacoubian, 15,  who is entering the Armenian Academy at Blair High School in Pasadena as a 10th grader next year, has won the first season of Disney+ Shop Class Competition Series. This show is aired around the world and has millions of viewers.

This series featured  teams of young builders, who were tasked with designing, building, and testing unique creations. In each episode, a panel of experts evaluated and tested their work based on design creativity, and build functionality. Daron and his teammates Marco Perez, and Coach Kim Kocaya won the first round in Episode 102 “Hole in Won” with their space themed golf course. In Episode 107 “Ready to Launch” their team advanced to the finals with their unique rocket design (see https://mirrorspectator.com/2020/04/04/daron-yacoubian-advances-on-disney-shop-class-competition-show/).

Daron Yacoubian speaking with host/actor Justin Long

In the finals, Episode 108 “Build Your Own Adventure,” Daron’s team was named Shop Class Champions with its military-themed adventure fort. Daron is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Stephan and Maro Yacoubian of Glendale, California.

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