Krikor Kuredjian

Obituary: Krikor Kuredjian, ADL and Tekeyan Leader in Lebanon


BEIRUT — On April 9, Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) party and Tekeyan Cultural Association leader Krikor Kuredjian passed away after a long illness.

Because of Coronavirus imposed laws, the funeral service took place privately at the local Armenian Cemetery Chapel.

Krikor Kuredjian was born on January 1, 1933 in Beirut to Armenian Genocide survivors Setrak Kuredjian, a school teacher, and Dikranouhi Yuzbeykian. He was the youngest of the three siblings.

After working as an apprentice for two years, he founded “Koko Sac” at the age of 17, manufacturing ladies’ handbags in downtown Beirut. He steadily expanded his business and was widely acknowledged and respected as one of the leading manufacturing businessmen in his industry.

Although the Lebanese Civil War dealt a crushing blow to the industry and he lost most of his factory, Krikor continued to manufacture despite the harsh conditions. He came to the aid of other business leaders and even helped his competitors to survive.

He married Makrouhi Dakessian on August 2, 1959 and had three daughters: Mayda Kuredjian, Marina Sarafian and Hilda Hartounian. He loved his sons-in-law Arsen Sarafian and Saro Hartounian, and absolutely adored and cherished his grandchildren Nairi, Armen, Nanor, Raffi, Aram, Lori and Perla. He was so proud of their accomplishments.

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Krikor joined the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party at a young age, rising in the ranks and serving on the ADL Lebanon District Committee for many years. He played a particularly critical role during the war, engaging in key negotiations that contributed to the well-being of the West Beirut’s Armenian community during that tumultuous time.

Krikor was deeply connected to the Vahan Tekeyan School in Beirut, having served on its Board as treasurer for over 25 years and safeguarding and ensuring its financial stability during the war. He passionately believed in preserving Armenian culture and heritage. He loved Armenia and served his community with humility and commitment. He instilled this unwavering devotion onto his daughters, who also became active members of ADL and the Tekeyan Cultural Association. He was a charismatic leader and a true Armenian through and through. Above all, Krikor was a moral man. His piercing intellect combined with an unforgiving dedication to what’s right and wrong, defined a code of ethics that we all live by today. He led by example, taught and inspired us to be fair and just, kind and compassionate.

Krikor had an amazing voice, always singing at family and social gatherings. As a young soloist, he sang at the St. Sarkis Church Zvartnotz choir for many years under the leadership of Hovhaness Topalian.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Krikor and Makrouhi Kuredjian Educational Fund of the Vahan Tekeyan School of Beirut, Lebanon. Donations in Lebanon: Please contact Tel. +961 71 720598

Donations in the US: Please make checks payable to the Tekeyan Cultural Association and mail to: 755 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472 Memo: Krikor and Makrouhi Kuredjian Educational Fund.

Condolences and contact email:

The ADL District Committee and Tekeyan Cultural Association Central Board of USA and Canada express their sincere condolences to his daughters Hilda Harutunian, member of TCA Central Board, and Mayda Kuredjian, Executive Secretary of TCA Western region and their families.


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