A scene from the Lebanese film, "Good Morning"

Socially Relevant™ Film Festival NY Unveils Seventh Edition Official Selection


NEW YORK — The following is the list of films which will be shown at the 2020 Socially Relevant Film Festival, March 16-22, with a parallel conference on Friday, March 13, at the United Nations with a selection of short films on Climate: Violence and the Environment: Women Paying the Price..


  • “Antigone,” by Sophie Deraspe (Canada) Official Submission to the Academy Awards.
  • “Butter” by Paul A. Kaufman (US)
  • “Foster Boy” by Youssef Delara (USA)
  • “Good Morning by Bahij Hojeij (Lebanon)
  • “Lorik” by Alexei Zlobin (Armenia)
  • “Transference” by Raffaello Degruttola (UK)

The selected documentary features (https://www.ratedsrfilms.org/documentary-features-2020) are:

  • “A Call for Peace” by Juan C Borrero – Melodie Carli (US- Columbia, Ireland, UK)
  • “Birth Wars” by Janet Jarman (Mexico)
  • “Can’t Stop the Sun from Shining” by Teresa Mular (US)
  • “Inside/Outside” by Nandini Sikand (US)
  • “Microplastic Madness” by Atsuko Quirk, Debby Lee Cohen (US)
  • “Mother of Tibetans” by Niklas Goslar (Germany – India, Poland)
  • “Potluck: The Altered State of Colorado” by Jane Wells (US)
  • “Stonewall with a T” by Samy Nemir Olivares (US)
  • “Tell My Story” by David Freid (US)
  • “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley” by Nicholas Wrathall (Australia)


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