Krikor Satamian

Laughs with AGBU Satamian Theatre Group


By Kevork Keushkerian

LOS ANGELES — The 40th anniversary celebration of the founding of AGBU Satamian Theatre Group (formerly Ardavazt), was a smashing success. It took place on Saturday, November 9, at the Nazarian Hall of the AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian High School in Canoga Park, under the patronage of Vartan Nazerian. The stage and the hall were decorated by Manoog Satamian.

The 500-strong audience was mesmerized throughout the well-organized, high-caliber program, which jump started immediately after the dinner was served. It was put together by the AGBU Satamian Theatre Committee, who had worked diligently to make this event a memorable one, and it succeeded.

Dr. Krikor Simonian, chairman of the committee, gave a brief history of the theatre group, cited its mission, which is to keep the Armenian language and culture alive, and mentioned that so far, the Theatre Group had produced 55 plays, 3 operettas, 3 concerts and 5 stand-up comedies.

A musical program was rendered by professional singers Salpi Mayilian, Roupen Telounts, and his music school students. Three actors and a stage decorator were honored for life time achievement, and six actors and actresses were honored for a long career in acting.

The two benefactors also received certificates of appreciation. Sinan Sinanian handed the certificate to Vartan Nazerian, and Yervant Demirdjian handed the certificate to Nazaret Kevonian.

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The highlight of the evening was of course entertainment provided by the one and only Krikor Satamian, the artistic director himself. Half an hour of heart-felt laughter was the order of the evening. An impromptu appearance by Dikran Ekizian, Krikor’s classmate, added to the jovial atmosphere with a comical dialogue, which was created on the spot.

Ekizian presented Satamian with a cast iron statue of the actor’s laughing  face, a symbol of dramatic art, that he had made himself for the occasion.

At the end, everyone in the audience was more than pleased for an evening of fun, food and camaraderie.

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