Petition against Istanbul Convention Reaches Echmiadzin


YEREVAN ( — The initiative group “Kamq” which is sponsoring a petition campaign named “No to Istanbul Convention” arrived on Monday, August 26 in Echmiadzin, Armenia’s Armavir region. “Our campaign continues in Echmiadzin, at central square near Komitas Vardapet statue. Join us through signing the petition,” the group posted on Facebook, calling on the citizens to leave signatures in support of their cause.

To note, the Istanbul Convention, formally titled “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence,” which is subject to ratification by Armenia, protects women against all forms of violence against them and obliges states to prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence. However, the document has triggered a debate among the public in Armenia over what they say some of controversial concepts in that do not serve the purpose of preventing violence, but jeopardize the national identity, according to the critics of the bill.


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