The Fabulous Vosbikian Band

Grooving with the Vosbikian Band in Merrimack Valley


ANDOVER, Mass. — The Vosbikian Band is coming to the Merrimack Valley on Saturday, October 19 at 7 p.m. They will be playing at the DoubleTree in Andover.

Every year the Armenian Friends of America (AFA) bring amazing musical talent to the Merrimack Valley and the Greater Boston area. This year will be a showstopper with the Vosbikian Band, based out of New Jersey and Philadelphia, has not been hosted in Boston for many decades. This is a tremendous opportunity to listen, dance and meet friends, while enjoying this talented group with such rich, family musical history.

“One of the most influential groups in the history of Armenian dance music in America. It can be said that without this group the music as we know it today would not exist anymore,” as posted by Harry Kezelian, an Armenian music blogger and correspondent for the Armenian Mirror-Spectator ( The Fabulous” Vosbikian Band is the longest running Armenian band in America. Founded in 1939, they are a family band still going strong today with second and third generation members.

“For decades, we have been listening to the Fabulous Vosbikian Band on media ranging from Albums, Cassettes, CD’s and now of course, their downloads. But even more significant, for those 5 or 6 decades of listening, few of us have ever seen them live.  I am honored they accepted our invitation to play for our seventh Annual Hye Kef 5 dance this year,” said John Arzigian, chairperson and founder of the Armenian Friends of America. “The AFA is extremely proud to bring them to the Merrimack Valley and New England for this very special evening.”

The band was founded originally by three brothers, Samuel, Manuel (Mike), and Joseph Vosbikian, born to Armenian immigrant parents from Malatya, Turkey, just after WWI. They were typical members of the “Greatest Generation”, grew up during the Depression, served in WWII, and listened to Big Band music of the time like any other American kids.

Come see and hear them live on October 19 in Andover. For more information, contact

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