Khachatur Grigorian with AGBU Summer Interns in Boston on June 24

Co-Founder of Armenian Taxi Company Talks Entrepreneurship with AGBU Summer Interns


By Nicholas Zoraian

Special to the Mirror-Spectator

WATERTOWN — Armenia General Benevolent Union (AGBU) summer interns in the Boston area had a chance not only to work in various offices and learn on the job, but to hear from other professionals about their own stories in the world of business.

One of those was the co-founder of GG Taxi, an app-based car service, similar to Uber and Lyft, which started in Armenia and now operates in Russia, Georgia and California.

Khachatur Grigorian gave advice about business and leadership, while speaking with pride about the evolution and future of GG. His June 24 presentation was part of a series of workshops for summer interns and other young members of the Armenian community.

“When you want to start something, everything begins from [your] dream. Following the dream is belief. After that,” Grigorian said, “comes hard work.” He added, “As a leader, you should have all of these things in your heart and mind.”

Opening Ceremony of GG Moscow of March, 4 2018

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GG is a holding company that has embarked on many different projects. Since 2014, the company’s focus has been on its app-based taxi service.  Grigorian co-founded GG Taxi in 2014 in Yerevan. According to Grigorian, in 2015, one year after its launch, GG was filling about 300 orders per day. He joked that GG’s drivers were earning more money than the company itself. He explained that the taxi service was struggling to the point where GG was investing all of its money from other projects back into the GG taxi service because, he said, “we believed in our future.”

By 2016 the taxi service was filling 3,000 orders per day. Now, he proclaims proudly, “GG is filling more than 20,000 orders per day in all its locations, a 700-percent increase from 2016.”

Grigorian also admitted that the company is losing about 20,000 orders per day due to cancelations and other issues.

Grigorian proclaimed that “GG plans to solve all Armenian public transportation problems in the coming years.”

What makes GG Taxi unique is the types of transportation it offers. It has vans, moving trucks and vehicle transport trucks in addition to all of the usual options you would find on the Uber app such as regular cars, luxury cars, and even exotic cars.

GG is currently operating in 15 different cities throughout Armenia, Georgia, and Russia and is in the process of expanding into the United States. Grigorian talked about his plan to launch GG taxi service in Glendale, Pasadena, North Hollywood, and Venice, all areas where there are dense populations of Armenians.

When asked about the challenges of trying to infiltrate a huge market like California, as Uber and Lyft dominate the transportation network industry, Grigorian confidently says GG’s “customer service will be the best in the area.” He added that he is certain that GG Taxi can outperform other big companies in the customer service department.

He claims that GG will be at an advantage because “the acquisition cost to get Armenian drivers in this area is much cheaper.” In other words, he is saying that GG won’t have to spend as much money on acquiring new drivers and getting people to recognize the brand as non-Armenian companies would. He will easily be able to hire the Armenians in the area as they will already know what the company is. From there, the brand will start to become more and more recognizable. He continues on to say that “the main problem for a company is if their brand isn’t known.”

Though he doesn’t plan on hiring only Armenian drivers, the fact that there are so many Armenians in the area gives him a head start in brand recognition.

Similar to his business model, Grigorian, himself, has more than one base; he lives in Yerevan, Moscow, and Los Angeles. He is extremely involved in the development and expansion of the company, as he is constantly traveling to different GG office locations to make sure everything is running smoothly.

To learn more about GG visit their website at or their Facebook page GG.

(Nicholas Zoraian is a summer intern at the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, through the AGBU.)


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