Armenian Soldier Killed Near Border with Azerbaijan


YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — An Armenian soldier was killed near the border with Azerbaijan on July 28, a Defense Ministry spokesman announced.

According to Artsrun Hovannisian, Arman Bulghadaryan, a 24-year-old soldier serving in the Armenian armed forces under a contract, was hit on Sunday by a bullet from the Azerbaijani side at the northeastern section of the highly militarized border.

No further details have been provided.

Earlier, on Saturday, the Armenian military reported another incident at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in which an Armenian contract soldier was wounded.

In a statement released then Armenia’s Defense Ministry accused Azerbaijan of seeking to escalate the border situation.

“Another provocative action by the Azerbaijani side once again proves that the enemy continues to brazenly violate the ceasefire regime and consistently escalate the situation on the border. It is Azerbaijan that bears full responsibility for the escalation of the situation,” it said.

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