Kocharyan Addresses Supporters


YEREVAN (News.am) — During a May 28 meeting with his supporters, the second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, gave a speech, the video recording of which has been posted on the non-official Facebook page of Robert Kocharyan.

“About a decade ago, it seemed to me that the main events of my life were in the past and that I would be living a very tranquil and predictable life, but I was wrong. It also seemed to me that my possible and impossible life experiences were also in the past, but I was wrong. A prison deprives you of freedom, but only in the physical sense, and no prison can restrict your freedom of thought, and it gives you a very serious and new motive to move forward and lead a struggle, and I am happy to see that I’m not going to lead this struggle alone and that there is a team of very active and interesting people with whom I will move forward and achieve new victories. I thank all of you for your support. Frankly, a year ago, I had no idea that there are so many things that have yet to be done,” Robert Kocharyan said.

Kocharyan also noted that even though the meeting with his supporters coincided with the day marking the anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, it is also symbolic.



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