Ken Martin preps for class in the Grand Mosque at Cordoba.

Kenneth Martin to Teach Photography Course in Yerevan


BOSTON — Prof. Kenneth Martin is headed to the American University of Armenia (AUA) in Yerevan to teach Photography! Joining AUA’s Summer Program 2019, Martin will teach “Lens on Armenia: Photojournalism in Yerevan.” Students from the United States and around the world are invited to join the course with current students of AUA.

Martin’s courses are fast-paced, informative, and lots of exciting excursions complement the in-class experience. In Lens on Armenia, students will grasp the basics of digital photography, camera handling, and standard practices for finding and reporting news with visual journalism. Students will also create telling photo essays presenting the life and times of Armenia and the issues that define the culture. Students will also get an introduction to the history of photography so they understand they are part of a timeline of great image makers.

“Lens on Armenia: Photojournalism in Yerevan,” is a three-credit course, running from July 8-August 8.

Martin has been teaching photography and photojournalism for many years in the Communication and Journalism Department at Suffolk University in Boston, where he is a senior lecturer, and has designed and taught all of the photography courses at the university including in the Graphic Arts Program of the Department of Art and Design.

He has created and taught multiple teacher-led study abroad courses for Suffolk University (SU) at the SU Dakar Campus in Senegal, West Africa, the SU Madrid Campus in Spain, and led students to the Lorenzo de Medici Italian International Institute in Tuscania, Italy. He also has taught courses for the School for International Training (SIT) in Dakar.

In addition to teaching, Martin is a professional photographer and photojournalist and has worked for several photo agencies and shoots for many human services organizations and other businesses and organizations especially in the Boston area. He was an early member of the Impact Visuals Photo Agency, contributed to the Landov Agency, and is currently a member of Zuma Press the largest photography agency in the world.

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Martin is originally from Worcester, attended local schools and is a graduate of The College of the Holy Cross where he majored in History and studied Art History, Fine Arts, Archaeology, and Political Science. He is also a graduate of The New England School of Photography where he majored in Editorial Photography. Ken is former co-chair of the New England chapter of the American Society of Picture Professionals. He is currently faculty adviser to the Suffolk University Armenian Student Association.

Visit for more information about AUA’s Summer Program 2019, Lens on Armenia, how to apply, and more.

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