Skinny German Juggling Boy Hilby

Holy Trinity Show Combines Variety and Talent


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Once again, the Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall of Holy Trinity Armenian Church was transformed by its Armenian Church Youth Organization (ACYOA) Junior and Senior members, together with parent volunteers, into an elegant setting for a talent show. During the evening of April 27, Holy Trinity parish members were joined by outside professional performers to provide an entertaining program in order to raise money for the youth and adult ministry programs of the parish.

The Erebouni Dance Ensemble

Michael Hilbig, the self-styled “Skinny German Juggling Boy Hilby,” was the headliner who kept the audience laughing with his jokes as well as his juggling dexterity. A local but unusual act was that of ACYOA Senior Gregory Dorian, “the Puzzlemaster,” who is a mechanical engineer with the special talent of speedily solving Rubik’s Cubes one after the other. Armenian-by-choice Doug Westian provided a video demonstration of “Deep South Southern Armenian cooking” and then gave all audience members samples of his banana pudding.

Mary Gyulumyan, 10-years old, recited Armenian poetry and six members of the Erebouni Dance Ensemble showed off their Armenian dancing skills.

Musical acts included vocalists Christina Baboian; Sevan Dulgarian; and the Arlington High School Madrigal Singers (including Alina Kouzouian). Pianists included Dr. Artem Abramian, Christina Avakian, Mark Arkun and Raffi Arkun. Other instrumentalists were oudist Brian Ansbigian and Edward Khatchatrian on the trumpet. Groups included the jazz duo Lulu and Van Teager; Haig Babaian, Thomas Babaian and Oscar Derderian III in a Neil Young tribute; and of course the Black Sea Combo (part of the 15-piece Black Sea Salsa,, led by trumpeter Dan Teager.

Adult bass player is Mark Pucci; drummer Alberto Netto; pianist Reverend Burns Stanfield. In addition, Van Teager on bass, Lulu Teager assisting on piano, Dan Teager on trumpet and Christina Baboian on saxophone.

The multitalented Teager, who was the musical director of the evening showcase, ably served as the master of ceremonies. Yn. Arpi Kouzouian, Holy Trinity Youth Director, thanked all the performers and volunteers at the end of the evening for their contributions to making the evening a success.

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