Armenia Hopes to Become First Country to Switch Government Fleet to Electric Cars


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Armenia has sent a project to the Global Environment Fund that hopes to change the government’s fleet from petroleum-fueled cars to electric ones through an environmental grant funds, Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan told lawmakers in parliament when asked by opposition MP Artyom Tsarukyan from Prosperous Armenia party whether or not they plan such an initiative on May 8.

“We have joined the Global Electric Mobility process, which is carried out under the UN’s environmental program. We have relevant grant funds, around 700,000 dollars. We have presented a program which will be the first of its kind globally, and with the program we propose the entire government to switch to electric cars,” he said, adding that the preliminary document has been sent to the GEF, which will fund it.

According to him, in case of everything proceedings swiftly, all cabinet members will be issues electric cars by year’s end.


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