Armenia Aid Reaches Iran


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Armenian humanitarian aid sent to flood-hit Iran has already reached the country.

Now, the humanitarian group will be escorted by the Iranian Red Crescent Society to Tabriz, the final destination.

Yuri Poleshchuk, the head of the Russian side of the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Center, the organization that sent the aid, told reporters that the mission has crossed the border into Iran yesterday. He said the aid is already being escorted to Tabriz.

Pavel Gyozalyan, head of the Armenian side of the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Center, said the dispatched group stayed in Kapan, Syunik Province overnight for preparations. “They began heading at 8 in the morning today”, he said.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia sent the humanitarian aid to Iran on April 8 to help in assisting the victims of floods.

Armenia has sent 4,000 blankets, 250 beds and 30 tents.

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