Knights’ Lodge Sponsors Exhibit Dedicated to Armenian Genocide in Worcester


WORCESTER — Due to renovations to the Worcester Public Library, the Fifth Annual Exhibit sponsored by Arshavir Lodge No. 2 of the Knights Of Vartan commemorating the 104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will take place in the Abrahms Gallery, 1st floor of the Higgins University Center at Clark University, 950 Main St. The title of the exhibit is “The Glory of Ancient Armenia,” photographs, documents, and artifacts trace aspects of the history of Armenia from AD 301 back to 7500 B.C.

The official opening will take place at Abrahms Gallery’s Grace Hall on Tuesday, April 2 at 6 p.m., and features a lecture by Anna Alexsanyan, a PhD Candidate in Clark’s Strassler Center For Holocaust and Genocide Studies, who will speak on “The Response Of Different Women To Genocidal Crimes.”  Other program highlights include a presentation of books and videos on the Armenian Genocide to the Rose Library from the Knights Of Vartan.   Also, a City Proclamation will be read by Mayor Joseph Petty and State Rep. David Muradian will present State Citations.

The exhibit and opening ceremony are free and open to the public.

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