Armenian Heritage Park's abstract sculpture through the years

Armenian Heritage Park Plans Year of Activities, Beginning with Reconfiguration


BOSTON — On Sunday morning, April 7, beginning at 7 a.m., the annual reconfiguration of the Abstract Sculpture heralds the start of a new year of programs at Armenian Heritage Park on Boston’s The Greenway.

A crane will lift and pull apart the two halves of the split rhomboid dodecahedron to create a new sculptural shape.

Annually in the early spring, the Abstract Sculpture, a split rhomboid dodecahedron made of steel and aluminum, is reconfigured, symbolic of all who pulled away from their countries of origin and came to Massachusetts, establishing themselves in new and different ways, contributing to the richness of American life and culture.

Overseeing the annual configuration will be Aurelian Mardiros, A&A Industries, fabricator of the Abstract Sculpture, their generous gift-in-kind; Jerry Rigging Corporation; Bill Martin who oversees the Park’s Care and maintenance on behalf of the Armenian Heritage Foundation, and Don Tellalian, AIA, Park’s architect/designer. The Park’s Charles G. and Doreen Bilezekian Endowed Fund supports the annual reconfiguration.

The park’s Abstract Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost in the Armenian Genocide of 1915-23 and all genocides that have followed. How fitting, therefore, that programs at the Park begin in April with the Genocide Commemoration, planned by the Boston Armenian Genocide Committee and the Walk Against Geocode, planned by the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, which begins at the Holocaust Memorial and ends at the Park.

Programs showcase the park’s two features, the Abstract Sculpture and Labyrinth, a circular winding path to celebrate life’s journey. At the Labyrinth’s center is a single jet of water, representing hope and rebirth; its waters reemerging from the Reflecting Pool upon which the Abstract Sculpture sits. Etched around the Labyrinth’s circle – Art, Service, Science, Commerce – in tribute to contributions made to American life and culture.

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On Saturday, May 4 at 1p.m., Celebrate Public Art at the park, the two-part ArtWeek program, begins with participating in World Labyrinth Day: Walk As One at 1 p.m., the international initiative of the Labyrinth Society, joining people in cities and towns in 35 countries worldwide including Gyumri, Armenia, all walking in peace and harmony. A reception to view the new configuration of the Abstract Sculpture follows.

Ted Touloukian, AIA, Chair, Board of Trustees, Boston Society of Architects Foundation; president and founder, Touloukian Touloukian, Inc., will offer remarks. The brief program will introduce “Geometry as Public Art: Telling A Story,” an innovative curriculum inspired by the park’s two geometric features. The curriculum’s intent is, to spark awareness of geometry as a creative expression of ideas and thoughts and to celebrate what unites and connects us – the immigrant experience while coming together on common ground. Morgan Atkins, director, Culture and School Climate, the Eliot K-8 Innovation School with the fourth-grade students and their teachers, will be joined by Jason Behrens and Manneh Ghazarians, also on the Friends of Heritage Park Curriculum Team.

Tea and Desserts will be hosted by Eastern Lamejun Bakers and MEM Tea Imports.

“Tea & Tranquility,” the popular late afternoon monthly series from 4:30-6 p.m., begins on Wednesday, June 12, with desserts and ice teas hosted by MEM Tea Imports. An introduction to walking the labyrinth, mindful or meditative walking, is at 4:45 p.m.

June’s “Under the Strawberry Moon,” hosted by vicki lee’s, promises to be a highlight as will “Under the August Moon,” hosted by anoush’ella. Both feature the Berklee All-Star Jazz Trio.

“Celebrating What Unites Us,” a collaborative program to celebrate the immigrant experience while building community and cross-cultural understanding begins again at the Park in May. Collaborators include City of Boston, Age-Friendly Boston, Boston Strong, the Kitchen at Boston Public Market together with Friends of Heritage Park and is funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

During the Fall and Winter, annual programs include Sunday Afternoon at the Park on September 22 from 2-4pm, New Citizens Welcome Reception, HUBweek at the Park, Najarian Lecture at Faneuil Hall, Candlelit Labyrinth Walk and, for the first time, an Extraordinary Benefit at the InterContinental Hotel on September 18, 2019.  Stay tuned.

Programs at the Park are planned by a team comprising those providing key leadership for programs and initiatives and include: Armine Afeyan, Kristin Asadourian, Jason Behrens, Alexis Demirjan, Susan Deranian, Tom Dow, Manneh Ghazarians, Martha Mensoian, Catherine Minassian, Dr. Armineh Mirzabegian, Tsoleen Sarian, Barbara Tellalian, Chiara Megighian Zenati and Zareh Zurabyan with Carol Foley, Arlette Yegumians and Ann Zacarian and many others joining the team planning specific programs.

Programs are listed on the park’s website, To volunteer, email

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