Steven Biondolillo

St. James Men’s Club Dinner Meeting to Feature Steven Biondolillo


WATERTOWN — On Monday, April 1, there will be a St. James Armenian Church Men’s Club dinner meeting at the Charles Mosesian Cultural and Youth Center in Watertown. This meeting will be celebrated as a “Father, Daughter, and Son” evening. The speaker will be Steven Biondolillo, a pioneer in the fields of public health and human services marketing, and peer -to-peer special-event fundraising. His presentation topic is titled “Rethinking Teambuilding.”

The pressure on high-performance teams is as great as it has ever been. Yet, due to two critical trend lines, the ability of teams to excel is often at risk. The first trend line is the burgeoning number of individuals in the nation’s workforce who are telecommuting. People don’t see each other anymore. The second revolves around communications technology and the widespread use of email, texting, and social media, all of which promote a shallow/shorthand way of connecting. These trend lines militate against the optimum development of high-performance teams, whose members need to communicate deeply, understand profoundly, and attach squarely to the team and its objectives. Biondolillo will briefly discuss these trends, explain the shortcomings of “typical team builders,” and offer a powerful yet basic solution to the challenge of building teams.

This St. James Men’s Club Father, Daughter, and Son dinner meeting will begin with a social hour and mezza at 6:15 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m.

Ladies are invited.

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