One of the Armenian floats

Brazil Carnival Samba School Dedicates Performance to Armenia


SAO PAOLO ( — In Sao Paulo, the Rosas de Ouro (Golden Roses) samba school dedicated the theme of its performance to Armenia.

The performance began with a reference to the Armenian Genocide and a tribute to the victims of the events of 1915, followed by a performance of Komitas’s Kroonk.

The first platform featured Noah’s Ark, which, according to the legend, landed on Mount Ararat. This was followed by a showing of the golden sculptures of King Tigran the Great, as well as the sculptures of powerful Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman and Armenian soldiers.

Next, the Brazilian samba masters showed the history of adoption of Christianity as state religion in Armenia.

The Armenian colors

“Mother Armenia” displayed Armenian culture, particularly powerful figures such as creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots and singer Charles Aznavour.

The initiative was supported by the Armenian Embassy to Brazil and the local Armenian community. As the Foreign Ministry of Armenia reports, the head of the dance company Anzhelina Bazilio, had visited Armenia in 2018 at the invitation of Armenian Ambassador Ashot Galoyan and held number of meetings with officials, representatives of arts and culture sector.

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The 65-minute long performance aired live to some 140 countries and had a major political, cultural, educational and promotional relevance.

The performance was directed by Andre Mashado and reflected the milestones of Armenian history. The performance was accompanied by a song named “Viva Armenia” written specially for the occasion. The overall aim of the event was to celebrate the Brazilian-Armenian friendly relations.


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