Genocide Survivor Dies in Argentina at Age 106


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Prensa Armenia) — Lusine Beredjiklian, one of the last survivors of the Armenian Genocide, died on February 21, at age 106.

She was born on January 7, 1913 in Aintab.

“When I remember, I cannot sleep,” Beredjiklian said in 2015, when the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated.

Beredjiklian said her father, Abraham, was a jeweler. He sent his elder sons to Aleppo when WWI just started and later the entire family decided to go to Syria. On the way to Aleppo they were looted. Her mother, pregnant at that time, died on the way, while Abraham died in Damascus. After that her brothers moved to Argentina, but Lusine remained in Syria with her sister until 1929, after which they also moved to South America.

All her life Beredjiklian lived in Buenos Aires and was one of the active members of the local Armenian community.


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