Obituary: Prof. Anahide Ter Minassian, Noted Historian


PARIS — Preeminent historian Anahide Ter Minassian died on Monday, February 11, at her home in Fresnes, near Paris.

She had been undergoing cancer treatment for a long time.

Ter Minassian was a lecturer at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Paris I University.

Ter Minassian was born in 1929 in Paris. Her father, Levon Kevonyan, was born in Zara, while her mother, was the daughter of Gülizar and Kegam Der Garabedyan, whose parents were the subject of books, and Armenuhi Der Garabedian, born in Mus.

Her parents traveled with a Nansen passport and spent the 1920s in Paris as immigrants in Belleville.

Ter Minassian started to learn Armenian from the age of 7. She got married to Levon Minassian, who was also an Armenian countryless.

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She grew up in a family setting surrounded by Armenian writers and artists. She studied history and geography at the Sorbonne. She taught at various high schools in Paris. Since 1969, she had worked on the subjects of Russian history, history of international relations, Armenian social, cultural and political history in Sorbonne.

Ter Minassian’s grandmother Gülizar was the daughter of a respectable Armenian family living in the Mush region.

Among her books are: La question arménienne (Roquevaire: Parenthèses, 1983); Nationalism and Socialism (1887-1912) (Cambridge: Zoryan Institute, 1984); La République d’Arménie, 1918-1920 (Brussels: Complexe, 1989); Histoires croisées: Diaspora, Arménie, Transcaucasie, 1880-1990 (Marseille: Parenthèses, 1997); Vagharshapat: Edjmiatzin, Hripsime, Gayane, Shoghakat (Venice: OEMME, with Armen Zarian and Arà Zarian, 1998); Nos terres d’enfance: L’Arménie des souvenirs (Marseille: Parenthèses, with Houri Varjabédian, 2010)  L’échiquier arménien entre guerres et révolutions: 1878-1920 (Paris: Karthala, 2015).

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