Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian, left, met in Abu Dhabi met with the Minister of State of the UAE Sultan Al Jaber.

UAE Delegation to Visit Armenia


YEREVAN (Arka) — Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian, who is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on official visit, in Abu Dhabi met on January 15 with the Minister of State of the UAE Sultan Al Jaber, Sarkissian’s press office reported.

Sarkissian and Al Jaber, according to the former’s press office, spoke about opportunities for cooperation, in particular, implementation of joint projects in different areas. According to President Sarkissian, through the years, there have been minor and major achievements but the existing potential is much greater.

Sarkissian said Armenia is famous for its fruit and vegetable production and processing, dry fruit production and in this area the two countries can launch a mutually beneficial cooperation. He said information technologies and telecommunications might become another platform for cooperation as well as the financial sector, energy, especially the area of renewable energy production.

Among promising areas of cooperation, Sarkissian singled out areas of tourism, infrastructure, and services and noted that Armenia can offer different solutions in these areas such as eco-tourism and cultural tourism.

The president highlighted also the importance of cooperation in the areas of agriculture and food production.

Sarkissian was quoted as saying that although Armenia is a small country, Armenians are a global and closely interconnected nation and when  speaking  about cooperation as president, he means not only the Republic of Armenia.

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The interlocutors agreed that, as a first step, a delegation from the UAE would visit Armenia in order to familiarize themselves with the cooperation possibilities.

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