TUMO Studios Launches Online Shop


YEREVAN – TUMO Studios is pleased to announce the launch of its online shop of over seventy items designed and made in Armenia at https://www.tumostudios.am/.

TUMO Studios is a free of charge, nonprofit educational program for university age students and young professionals. The program focuses on the creation of analog products — beautiful things you can touch, wear, taste and smell. It aims to cultivate a new generation of designers and craftspeople who raise the quality of locally produced goods and make them competitive globally.

TUMO Studios connects local students and young professionals with international designers through ateliers (educational workshops), where they combine traditional know-how and contemporary design to create innovative products in fashion, jewelry, embroidery, pottery, printing, product design and the culinary arts.

A purchase from TUMO Studios is a contribution to the future of Armenian design and craftsmanship. With all proceeds from the online shop going towards running and expanding the program, patrons help pave the way for more students to develop design skills and explore their creative potential.

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Since its inception, TUMO Studios has brought over 40 design professionals to Armenia to work with hundreds of local students and crafts professionals in workshop settings. We have had workshops led by leading professionals from France, Denmark, Japan, United States, Lebanon, Corsica, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, India and Spain. The products available through the online shop were designed by students in these ateliers.

This holiday season, gift friends and family unique items designed and made at TUMO Studios. Place your orders at https://www.tumostudios.am/.

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