President Armen Sarkissian addresses the forum.

Focusing on Armenia’s Future at Global Innovation Forum by FAST


YEREVAN — President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian on October 29 had a working breakfast with the members of Board of Trustees and Advisory Board of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), which includes leading Armenian scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs from all over the world.

During the meeting the participants exchanged views on issues relating to effectively organizing the activities of the foundation, discussed the conditions, mechanisms and opportunities necessary for the implementation of outlined goals.

The he participated in the opening ceremony of the Global Innovation Forum: Engineering the Evolution organized by the foundation. Sarkissian, who is also an honorary member of the FAST Foundation’s Advisory Board, welcomed the Forum participants in the country of 21st century and attached importance to holding such forums in Armenia. In particular, the President stated that Armenia is not only the birthplace of civilizations, but has been in the crossroads of East and West from the very start.

“As this is a gateway, a crossroad, I think it’s time for the humanity to turn back to its origins, to the birthplace of human race, to Armenia. Recently in Geneva I was talking about the 4th industrial revolution, where I said that there are no revolutions, there is an evolution. The humanity, we should be a part of the evolution or development. This is not only a scientific and technological evolution, but a drastic evolution of our societies and our behavior in the world”, he said.

The president addressed the following message: “Armenia is the gateway of future. We promote making investments in our country: country that is young, ambitious, the people of which are talented, which has a young government, and a country which feels itself in the 21st century, is young and mature. Being young first of all means how young you feel yourself by soul, whether you are ready for new discoveries, to learn, to ask questions and find answers. Whether you are ready for research, evolution acceleration.

I think the evolution is infinite. We don’t understand how multi-layered actually we are, we have discovered only one part of us. People are more interested in what is happening outside of us. But we have a whole universe inside us which is as complicated as the universe itself.

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I believe the future discoveries of the world will again return to this gateway – the gateway of the 21st century. Therefore, welcome to Armenia.”

Among the speakers was Impact investor, co-founder of IDeA and FAST Foundations Ruben Vardanyan who said that people could fuel Armenia’s future.

“We realized that future of Armenia can be built only around one thing – human person. A human person, who can be smart, educated, a long-time visionary, happy and looking at the world as global citizen, at the same time being proud of his own identity. Building an ecosystem around the human person is the key element of the future of Armenia,” said Vardanyan.

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