Hayk Marutyan

Hayk Marutyan Sworn in as New Yerevan Mayor


YEREVAN (Armenpress, Arka) — Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan’s swearing-in ceremony took place on Saturday, October 13.

The new mayor promised to make every effort to ensure prosperity to the city and welfare to its residents.   He also vowed to protect the rights and property of the community.

Marutyan also promised to do whatever he can to ensure economic and spiritual renaissance to Yerevan and to support all the initiatives aimed at its development.

Marutyan, My Step bloc’s mayoral candidate, was elected recently by 81.5 percent of votes.

Marutyan met with the mayor of Stepanakert Suren Grigoryan, who arrived in the capital of Armenia to participate in the inauguration.

Hayk Marutyan welcomed his guest and thanked him for accepting his invitation. Marutyan stressed his special attitude towards Artsakh and, in particular, Stepanakert, and also noted that close cooperation with the capital of Artsakh should be continuous, and  the directions of this cooperation will expand in the near future.

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In turn, the mayor of Stepanakert thanked Hayk Marutyan for the invitation and congratulated him on his election as mayor.

Grigoryan wished his colleague practical success in this important matter, which will also serve to develop cooperation formed between the two Armenian capitals.

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