RA President Armen Sarkisian, Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan and other high officials in commemoration of the 103nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide paid a visit to the Armenian Genocide memorial complex in Yerevan, Armenia, 24 April 2018

Armenia Marks Genocide Anniversary


YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Armenia marked on Tuesday the 103rd anniversary of the 1915 genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey, with tens of thousands of people silently walking to the Tsitsernakabert memorial and laying flowers there throughout the day.

As always, the annual procession began with a prayer service held by Catholicos Karekin II by the eternal fire of the hilltop memorial overlooking central Yerevan. The ceremony was attended by President Armen Sarkissian, acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and other senior state officials.

The genocide anniversary commemorations came the day after Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan stepped down amid massive nationwide protests against his attempt to extend his decade-long rule. He did not visit Tsitsernakabert.

Karapetyan mentioned the dramatic events in Armenia in a written address to the nation released on the occasion. “The Genocide changed the fate of our people and made us suffer many trials and tribulations in the following decades,” he said. “However, we turned out to be stronger than the murderers and were strong enough to return to life, create an independent State and be the master of our destiny.

“Today, we are facing another difficult period in our modern history,” Karapetyan went on. “Yesterday, I called on all political forces to refrain from politicizing this day. I am grateful that my appeal was accepted, and today we can show to the world that despite many challenges and unresolved internal issues, we are united around the common cause.”

“We reaffirm our determination to build a solid statehood, a free and civilized society, and nothing can distract us from our way to building the country of our dreams,” concluded the statement.

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President Armen Sarkisian’s office publicized, meanwhile, a message which he received from President Emmanuel Macron of France, one of two dozen nations that have officially recognize the slaughter of some 1.5 million Armenians as genocide. Macron said France, which has an influential Armenian community, stands with Armenia in remembering the victims of the genocide.

Opposition lawmaker from the Yelk bloc, head of the Civil Contract party Nikol Pashinyan led a massive crowd to the Armenian Genocide memorial in Tsitsernakaberd.

The member of parliament had earlier said that the crowd will march towards Tsitsernakaberd and focus on the commemoration if nothing extraordinary happens.

Also, Pashinyan is set to give a press conference later on Tuesday.

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