Jivan Avetisyan and Nara Zakaryan

‘The Last Inhabitant’ Celebrated in Boston



BOSTON — The Boston premiere of the film “The Last Inhabitant” was presented by the Armenian Business Network (ABN) and the Fish Eye Art and Cultural Foundation.

The premiere was held on Saturday, February 17, at the St. James Armenian Church’s Charles Mosesian Cultural Hall. About 135 people attended. The event was followed by a private dinner at annoush’ella in Boston, honoring the film’s director, Jivan Avetisyan.

The event was organized and hosted by George Haroutiounian and actress Naira Zakaryan, with the assistance of a few other volunteers and supporters.

The premiere was a fundraiser for Avetisyan’s upcoming film “Gates to Heaven.”

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From left, Jack Antounian, George Haroutiounian, Naira Zakaryan and Jivan Avetisyan

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