Groom Is in the Heart — Again


BOSTON — They say good things come in pairs — and the sequel to the hit “Where Is Your Groom? (Pesad Oor Eh)” is no exception. After a whirlwind two-year tour with sold-out performances in eight cities across the country, America’s favorite Armenian family returns in this humorous, smart, and culturally relevant play that ties together elements of the Armenian-American experience.

We last saw Lara celebrating with her overjoyed family when she finally found her “pesa,” but as we find out, her elation quickly diminishes as both sets of parents want to plan the wedding their way. Meanwhile Yaya’s online dating site has taken off, but she’ll have to contend with her new competition, Marie the Matchmaker. As if there wasn’t enough drama, Lara’s “odar” ex-boyfriend plants seeds of doubt, fan-favorite Artem continues his quest for a “hars” on the Bosporos, and Lara’s brother Saro keeps trying to “find himself” as he dodges even more “hars lists.”

“Where Is Your Groom? (Pesad Oor Eh) Part II” will perform for the Boston Armenian community on Saturday, November 11 at 7 p.m. at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, (321 Arsenal Street, Watertown) and promises a night of laughs and entertainment while taking a closer look at Armenian-American life in the diaspora.
Says Nora Armani, actress, filmmaker and artistic director of Rated SR Film Festival, New York, “Such insight and talent of keen observation, but most of all the capacity of putting it all into funny words and situations. We need more of these comedies that shed light on the way we live, and hold a mirror to ourselves.”

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