President Meets with Luys Scholarship Recipients


YEREVAN — President of the Republic of Armenia, and co-founder of Luys Foundation, Serzh Sargsyan hosted this week a reception for Luys Foundation scholarship recipients for the academic year 2017-2018. The meeting was attended by students supported by the Luys Foundation, many of whom have attended the world’s best universities.

The scholarship holders presented to the President of Armenia the projects and activities completed under the Develop Armenia Together Program, as well as their first initiatives and achievements implemented in an effort to put at the Homeland’s service the knowledge and experience gained in the best world’s best universities.

The president presented Luys scholarship certificates to those students recently enrolled in higher education institutions. Note that scholarships have been awarded to 60 students from top eight universities of the world in 2017-2018.

Sargsyan congratulated the students and wished them every success in their studies. The President expressed readiness to answer the questions of interest to the participants of the meeting and asked about their plans and ideas.

“I take any opportunity to meet with young people and talk to them as I am sure that this is one of the best ways to keep a hand on the pulse of our country and society, because they have a keen eye; they can see too far and know the best way of navigating in a rapidly changing world.

Of course, what I mean is not an abstract feeling. I think that any person who closely follows our policy can see that the development of education and science has for many years been our chief concern. Luys Foundation, TUMO Creative Technologies Center or, to be precise, the network of centers considering that such centers are currently available not only in Yerevan, but also in Gyumri, Dilijan, Stepanakert and recently in Noyemberyan. I think that in the foreseeable future we will start such work in Vanadzor and other cities of the Republic.

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The incentives available at various levels in the field of information technology, the existing network of engineering labs, known as Armat, operational in more than 200, or more precisely, 208 schools nationwide, boast various study groups, which host over 4,500 schoolchildren who get basic engineering skills and even create simple robots.

“This is a vivid evidence of the Government’s policy, which undoubtedly is a long-term objective, and we will see their tangible results in the near future. These results will have a positive impact on economic development and our people’s well-being. Nevertheless, even though these programs have long-range goals, we can already talk about specific results.

I would just cite one example from each sphere. I will start with Luys Foundation and say that when we started this program in 2007, we decided to provide financial support and help to young people studying at the top 20 universities in the world, because at that time only a few young Armenians – a small number of young people were studying in these universities. But after a short while, we decided to provide assistance to students from top 10 universities in the world, because their number had increased dramatically. Today, Mrs. Jacqueline and I will present certificates to 60 students who are studying at the top eight universities. This is a progress that we should definitely take note of.

Congratulating once again all those people whose knowledge has been rewarded, I wish you every success, and as always, I would be pleased to answer your questions rather than send you a message, because this is the most important part of such meetings. This is an opportunity to see through the problems and understand where the youth’s thought is going. I am happy to see that our young people can successfully navigate in a rapidly changing world. I am grateful and ready to answer your questions, hear about your plans,” Sargsyan said.”

Also attending the program was Jaqueline Karaaslanian, the executive director of Luys.

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