‘Follow the North Star’ Exhibit of Inuit Art at Museum of Fine Arts


BOSTON — The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is currently hosting an exhibit of Inuit prints donated by the estate of the late renowned Canadian-Armenian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh and his wife, Estrellita.

Opening at on the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, on July 1, this exhibition presents a selection of prints from key Inuit artists such as Kenojuak Ashevak, Agnes Nanogak, Jessie Oonark, Pudlo Pudlat and Lucy Qinnuayuak. The prints come largely from the printmaking cooperative at Cape Dorset, north of Hudson Bay, where printmaking was introduced around 1959. Most are stonecuts, hand-printed from blocks of soapstone in which the images are carved in relief. The works are organized thematically, with sections focusing on family and daily life; hunting; shamans and myths; and tradition and the incursion of the modern world. In addition to the prints, the exhibition features a number of small-scale sculptures.

The works can be seen at the Bernard and Barbara Stern Shapiro Gallery (Gallery 231). The exhibit will conclude on December 31.

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