Armenian Genocide Memoir Wins Award 


PHILADELPHIA — From Horror to Hope, a collection of stories of Armenian Genocide survivors, was named a Finalist by the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the memoir category (overcoming adversity/tragedy/challenges). It contains some 66 stories and showcases an overview of brief historical facts, achievements and anecdotes of the Philadelphia Armenians.

“It was important to write the stories for our children as we were told by our parents since we are the bridge generation,” said Margo Parnagian-Silk whose idea was the impetus for this book. “The focus was not only to memorialize the accounts of the genocide survivors but also pay tribute to our immigrants who built a community and contributed to society.”

The book evolved on the heels of the 2015 Philadelphia centennial anniversary event “We Not Only Survived, We Thrive” commemorating the Armenian Genocide.

In true Philadelphia-Armenian style, a spirit of unity, this project was successful because of the participation of representatives from the five area churches.

Another goal, to distribute this book outside the Armenian community, was also met with over 100 books donated to educational institutions and organizations that research or teach genocide.

The award ceremony was held on May 31, at the Harvard Club in New York City. Receiving the award on behalf of the book committee were Carole Long Karabashian and Silk.

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Other members of the team were Karen Aznavourian Cannuscio, Meredith Hanamirian, Lisa Manookian, Suzanne Sherenian, and Paul Vartan Sookiasian. Artur Petrosyan, Director of Creative Ministries for the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, consulted.

Meeting a nine-month deadline, committee members closely collaborated, volunteered their time and unselfishly brought forth their professional skills with enthusiasm.

“Over 2000 books were submitted this year so it was truly an honor for the book to be named a finalist,” Karabashian commented. The non-profit Next Generation Indie Book Award, celebrating its 10th year, was started by publishing industry professionals to offer new writers networking opportunities.

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