The dedication plaque

Tekeyan Montreal Manoukian Fund Aids Berdzor School in Kashatagh


BERDZOR, Artsakh ( — The first school in Kashatagh, which connects Artsakh with the Republic of Armenia, was established in September 1994 in the district center of Berdzor with 25 students and dedicated teachers. Today, with a 23-year-history behind it, 200 students learn there at the hands of its 30 teachers.

The condition of the school prior to renovation

In 2008, a relationship was established between the school and the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of the United States and Canada, and in 2009, the school was renamed in honor of the renowned poet and public figure, Vahan Tekeyan.

In March 2017, the TCA chapter of Montreal contacted Gayane Muradyan, the official representative of the TCA of the US and Canada in Armenia, concerning renovations for Berdzor’s Vahan Tekeyan Middle School No. 1. After negotiations, the school’s administration agreed to begin renovations with the classroom dedicated to Armenian language and literature. It sent photographs of the classroom to donor Arto Manoukian and an estimate of the costs of the renovation. Work quickly began, and the entire staff of the school participated. Now the renovations have been completed, and at the entrance of the classroom a placard in Armenian has been placed stating “The Armenian Language and Literature Classroom has been renovated with the aid of the Saro-Armen Manoukian Fund of Montreal’s Tekeyan Cultural Association.”

The renovation of this classroom has inspired hopes that it might be possible to completely renovate the school, since the pupils living on soil liberated at the cost of the blood of brave Armenian fighters and thus sanctified are worthy of learning in a well-maintained school.

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