Soghomon Tehlirian Square Inaugurated in Marseille


MARSEILLE (Armenpress) —  The square located in the intersection of Vallon De Montebello and Cambodia Streets in Marseille, France has been named after Soghomon Tehlirian as part of the 102nd anniversary events commemorating the Armenian Genocide.

Marseille Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, Arrondissement of Aix-en-Provence head Yves Morraine, politicians and public gures, as well as representatives of the Armenian community were present at the inauguration event. The event was organized by the Marseille City Hall and the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France.

“This is the acknowledgement of the importance of Marseille’s Armenian community’s role. By this we also say to all denialists, Aliyev and Erdogan, that the Armenian people have stood up in a city like Marseille,” Morraine said.

Gaudin emphasized their desire is that the Constitutional Council of France adopts the Parliament’s voting results, under which criminal liability is set for the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

In 1921, Tehlirian participated in operation Nemesis, tasked with taking down one of the masterminds of the Armenian Genocide – Talaat Pasha. On March 15 he gunned down Taalat in Berlin and was arrested. On June 2, the German Court cleared Tehlirian of all charges.


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