US Ambassador: Most Wondrous Part of Armenia Is inspiring People Who Live in This Country


YEREVAN ( — US Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills issued a message, summing up his tenure in Armenia. The message, published by the Embassy’s Facebook page, reads: “Talk about throwback Monday! Can it really be exactly two years today since I was sworn in as the eighth U.S. Ambassador to Armenia? That day in 2015 marked the renewal of my fascination and deep affection for all things Armenian, as well as day from which I was given the special opportunity as Ambassador to highlight all the ties that bind our two countries together – from our economic trade to military cooperation and from the maestro Mr. Malkhas to the Pulitzer-winning poet Mr. Balakian and even those entrepreneurial Kardashians! Leigh and I have enjoyed meeting so many welcoming and engaging Armenians all across this beautiful nation. We are honored — along with our Armenian-born adopted cat “Gozo” — to have welcomed so many Armenian friends and colleagues to our Residence here in Yerevan.

“Our favorite moments since arriving have been when we can hear directly from Armenians, whether after dinner at our residence sharing cognac or sitting around a conference table with a cup of Armenian coffee, about what they want for the future of their country and how they think the United States can assist in building a more prosperous and democratic Armenia. Every Armenian school child I think knows by heart the quotation from the U.S. painter Rockwell Kent about how there is no place on earth more filled with wonders than Armenia. Leigh and I certainly agree with Mr. Kent and the most wondrous part of Armenia is no doubt the inspiring people who live in this country and are the reason Armenia has thrived in the face of a cruel history and a challenging present. And the second most wondrous part of life here is working with a very dedicated team, Armenian and American, at the U.S. Embassy, who focus every day on how to strengthen the friendship between Armenia and the United States. Leigh and I look forward to the rest of our time here.”

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