RAG Leaders Meet with Greek New Democracy Party President


ATHENS —  On January 24, representatives of the Board of Directors of the Ramgavar Azadagan Party, known also as the Armenian Democratic Liberal party (RAG or ADL) visited the premises of the Greek New Democracy Party to meet with the group’s president, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The request for this meeting had been made at the beginning of the previous month, and was accepted by the president immediately and with great pleasure.

Mitsotakis was briefed by the Board of Directors of RAG on the fraternity and liberal nature of the Ramgavar party, who has a very similar ideology to that of the Greek New Democracy Party. The general profile of the Armenian element in Greece, was described to the Greek leader. It was confirmed that it accounts more than 80,000 Greek citizen compatriots. The conversation took place in a very warm atmosphere. The detailed information given by Khatchadourian and his fellow representatives of the Ramgavar Party in Greece was received with great pleasure by the leader and Mitsotakis.

All current polls are showing that New Democracy is clearly outbalancing the governing party of Greece and Mitsotakis is expected to become the future prime minister of Greece.

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