Ankara Mayor Blames Foreign Agents for Creating Earthquakes


ANKARA (Hurriyet) — Recent earthquakes in the western province of Çanakkale could have been organized by dark external powers aiming to destroy Turkey’s economy with an “artificial earthquake” near Istanbul, Ankara has claimed.

“Today a serious earthquake occurred in Çanakkale. I have investigated and there is a ship conducting seismic research nearby. What this ship is researching and which country it belongs to should be resolved urgently. I worry about a potential earthquake that could occur artificially. This should definitely be investigated and announced to the public,” Gökçek tweeted on February 7.

The Ankara mayor also warned about ships near the Marmara Sea, urging full control for their activities against “potential threats.”

“The blow targeting Turkey right now aims to crush Turkey economically with an earthquake near Istanbul. Some may make fun of me, but I am worried about this. All submarines and ships with large equipment near Istanbul, the Marmara Sea and Çanakkale should be monitored,” he added.

Çanakkale has been shaken by three earthquakes over the past two days with magnitudes of 5.3 and 5.2, which have caused minor damage to a number of buildings.

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