Just Dilijan It! Opens Registration for Summer Program; UWC Dilijan Campus Once Again Hosts the Summer Youth Program


DILIJAN, Armenia — Just Dilijan It! summer youth program for ages 10-17, is now accepting applications for its Summer 2017 Program. This year’s program will be led by Yuri Gorvits, head of the Higher Education Program for Apple Russia, and winner of a prestigious Russian Government award in education.

“This year we decided to strengthen the educational aspect of the youth’s summer holiday. So we are delighted to announce the addition of Yuri Gorvits who will lead the 2017 summer program, and Sergei Korneev, the founder and leader of the Science Holiday interactive educational program, who will be the science curator for Just Dilijan It! 2017,” said Natalia Podolnaya, director of the educational program for the Scholae Mundi foundation, the organizers Just Dilijan It!

The program will be once again held on the campus of the UWC Dilijan international school in Dilijan. Participants will enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of the Dilijan national park and learn about the culture and history of Armenia through trips and excursions, which will enhance their summer program adventures.

Four, 14-day programs will be held from July 7 tougust 4. There will be two programs in Russian and two programs in English language. The program anticipates between 100-200 youth participants from around the world.

“The main thrust of Just Dilijan It! 2017 is to find out something new – about yourself, your friends, your country and the world. Our program is about creating a community of free thinking, intelligent, creative, motivated and caring people,” states Gorvits.

The  2017 programs will include:

  • “Explore: The Human Being” encourages participants to study humans, psychology and behavior and to explore such questions as: “Who are we?” “What shapes our personality?” and “How can we develop our talents?”
  • “Explore: Culture” will offer a look at how culture has changed with the development of civilization by studying examples in literature and art, dance and sport, and try to understand exactly how limitless humans are.
  • “Explore: The Universe” will explore such questions as: “What makes the planet earth tick?” “What is the scientific method?” and “How to turn the whole world into your own laboratory?”
  • “Explore: The Future” will encourage participants to think up and then carry out projects based on the most pioneering ideas, using the most modern technology, discuss the current problems in the world and ideas for developing our city, country and the entire planet in the near and far future.

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Participants in each group can choose subjects they would like to pursue in one of 10 “laboratories” (Intellectual games, Publishing, Computer technology, Theatre, Architecture and design, Film and photography, Natural sciences, Robotics, Handicrafts, Sport), which will help them in their own projects as well as with their group projects. Each group’s work will culminate with a special event ranging from an idea’s fair, to an art project, theatre performance, and science forum.

“The international Just Dilijan It! program was extremely successful last year, and provided something interesting for all the youth regardless of their age, social background or country of origin. Some of the youth took part in the summer program with grants offered from various funds, including Scholae Mundi Armenia (SMA). This year we plan on continuing this tradition,” said Andrey Khodzhikyan, the executive director of the Scholae Mundi foundation.

To register and to find out more about scholarship offerings, visit http://justdilijanit.org/


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