Parliament Speaker Vows to Address Issue of Yazidi genocide in Iraq


imagesYEREVAN (Armenpress) — Naira Zohrabyan, leader of the Prosperous Armenia group in parliament, pressed for the debate and passage of a statement condemning the genocide against Yazidis in Northern Iraq.

Zohrabyan told parliament last week during the Parliament session that as result of long debates it was possible to reach an agreement that the Parliament must pass a condemning announcement on the genocide of Yazidis in Northern Iraq, however until now it hasn’t been debated in the plenary session. “I understand, under the rules of procedure of the Parliament, it is your exclusive right when to put the issue up for debate, however I think there is also a moral side to the issue. If the parliament does not pass the announcement during this sitting, in my opinion we will have a serious moral problem here. Therefore I urge you to debate during this four-day sitting the Parliament’s announcement on condemning the 2014-ongoing genocide against Yazidis in Northern Iraq,” Zohrabyan said.

Galust Sahakyan, Speaker of the Parliament, vowed to address the issue. “If it’s so important, I will talk to the chairman of the committee and I will address the issue,” he said.

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